Minilift Latin America was founded in 1995 by a group of three friends and aeronautical mechanical engineers, with great knowledge in the areas of engineering and in depth research due to their professional and academic experiences, with MSc and PhD’s in engineering. The initial activity of the company was focused on the development and production of equipment for the vertical transportation area by the use of new technologies. A choice guided on intensively applying the concept of innovation in an area that was technologically outdated. As a way to accelerate its growth and generate capital for the project area, Minilift has sought alternatives in international partners to increase its revenues. The company was the Latin America agent of important brands such as the Korean giant LG Systems and some American companies as the Access and Harmar. Due to its business success, in 2002 Otis Elevators purchased its commercial portfolio, as it was made concerning to other companies, in a worldwide acquisition strategy. In 2007, the company was refunded with the exclusive objective of manufacturing and selling equipment for accessibility, mainly concerning the residential and commercial accessibility of elevators and vertical platforms. In 2014, it started the development of a revolutionary line of ultra-compact elevators, totally dedicated to the US market, and mainly destined for accessibility, residential, and restricted use. For this enterprise, its board has chosen the city of Minneapolis-MN, a region known for its strong innovative tradition, being very well supported by many mechanics and technological industries. It is a story of sacrifice, passion and great achievements, built by the hard and focused work of its founders, in total harmony with the most legitimate American ideals of entrepreneurship and ethics. However, we know there’s much more to be done.
We hope to to hear from you soon as new customers and appreciate the trust of those who have already joined us.

Jorge C. – President
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