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No longer will the ups-and-downs of the stairs be a struggle left unsolved!

Minilift USA is a special line of ultra-compact elevators made for transporting passengers, pets, seniors, wheelchair users and small loads.




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One standing passanger

Unno HC

One passanger or one wheelchair

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Minilift is an amazing, innovative, and economic line of ultra-compact lifts. Specially designed for the day-to-day use in two-floor houses or small businesses. It is perfect for seniors and general passengers, wheelchair users, pets, loads, and anyone with special locomotion needs.

Fit for one or two people, they are very reliable, safe lifts, and can transport up to 650 lb depending on the selected model. The cabins have a clean and transparent look so it won’t interfere with the decor in your home. In addition, they don’t demand the use of towers (shafts) or even side columns, they keep the space free when the cabin is parked on the other floor, meaning that people can freely pass under or over the lift. If necessary, it can even be installed in a corridor without blocking the way.

Main Features

Easy Installation

They do not require great amounts of work or demolitions. They’re fixed directly to the wall and pass through a single opening made in the existing upper floor. That is, they do not demand construction of a tower, pit, or machine room, saving thousands of dollars in civil work expenses.

Economic and Elegant

Economic and elegant, they have the exact functions to carry out a safe and comfortable transportation between two floors and at the most affordable price in the market, especially when compared to conventional lifts, whose costs (equipment and constructions) are sometimes close to the value of a small house.

Remote Control

The drive on the floors can be carried out by remote control. In this way, it is not mandatory to pass electric cables inside the walls, eliminating eventual cuts and rework in the side walls finishing.

Safety Sensors

All Minilift are equipped with several safety systems. For instance, in the almost absurd hypothesis of a traction cable rupture, there is a powerful safety brake with tempered steel claws that will attach to the rails almost instantly. Insuring your own safety and of your loved ones.

Very Fast Installation

The installation time is very fast, usually being carried out on the same day if the site is fully prepared according to previous instructions. In the Unno and Unno HC models, the cabins are delivered completely assembled and are installed by simply connecting them to the traction system.

Very Silent

The traction system consists of a very silent precision gearbox. It is produced by the world’s largest manufacturer, SEW from Germany, which is also present in the US. The rails are manufactured with special alloy of tempered aluminum and allow a very smooth displacement.

Intelligent Design

Minilift’s are sold nationally and internationally. Thus, they have been intelligently designed in order to facilitate its maintenance by any local technician. Differently from conventional elevator manufacturers, our business is not to sell parts or maintenance services.

Very Compact

The equipment dimensions are very compact in order to be adapted to the largest number of environments. For example, the Unno line (for a passenger) requires a floor opening of only 2′ 5″ x 2′ 9″ (WxD) and a height on the second floor of only 7′ 10″.

Energy Saving

Electrical consumption is very low because the mechanical efficiency of the system is high, about 95%, and it happens practically only during its movement. Comparatively, on average, a 50 inch Smart TV turned on for only 2 hours a day consumes 3.5 times more than a Minilift uses during 10 trips a day!

Standard Plug

It can be plugged into a standard wall outlet with 110-130VAC (60Hz x 10A) or 220-240 VAC (60Hz x 5A).

Several Models for Fast Delivery

There are several models that can be delivered faster, as we know that some customers have a more urgent need to get their equipment.

National and International Installation

Delivery and installation are national and international. However, some US states and countries have special legislation that only authorizes local contractors to carry out the installation in addition to civil works. Please consult your contractor about this possibility.

Accessibility is Freedom!

Family and quality of life are priceless things. Nevertheless, Minilift lets you can enjoy it for the best price in the elevator market.


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