Unno & Unno HC

Minilift Unno and Unno HC are a special line of ultra-compact elevators for transporting passengers, pets, elderly, wheelchair users, small loads, overweight people and anyone with special locomotion needs.

Its design was developed to meet the demand for an elegant, functional, quiet, safe and space-saving product, aside from having a very affordable cost.

Both models have an exclusive system which does not demand any kind of tower (shaft), machine room or column, being fixed directly to a flat wall. This saves thousands of dollars on construction works and preserves the inner space of the home.

Therefore, the cabin may remain parked on the upper or lower floor, allowing the possible movement of people and objects on the opposite floor. This is possible due to a protection steel cover that automatically closes the opening on the top floor when the cabin is on the ground floor, allowing people to walk over this cover.

Thanks to its ultra-reduced dimensions, it can also be installed in the most surprising and unusual places, either in the corner of a room, starting from a garage, arriving inside a closet or even in a corridor.

Important features:

Two different models for 01 standing passenger (Unno) or with an expanded cabin for 01 wheelchair or 01 standing or seated passenger (Unno HC).

Especially designed for two floors, it reaches heights up to 11.6 ft (3.5 m) and, optionally, up to 15.8 ft (4.5 m).

Nominal load capacity of 400 lb (180 kg). For greater nominal load capacity (600 lb / 275 kg) and number of passengers (02 passengers) consult the line Minilift Duuo here.

Low electrical consumption and reduced maintenance.

Fast installation, usually being carried out on the same day. The cabin is delivered completely assembled and can pass through any door with a minimum clearance of 2.5 ft (75 cm) and sufficient space around for maneuver.

It can be fixed to a plaster wall with wooden structures, masonry, or in metal structures.

It can be plugged into a standard wall outlet with 110-130VAC (60Hz x 10A) or 220-240 VAC (60Hz x 5A).

Completely safe, it is equipped with many important sensors and safety devices like emergency backup brake, over current circuit breaks and fuses, automatic door-locker and sensor, manual operation in case of electrical fail and others.

The Minilift Unno for 01 passenger occupies only 5.25 sf (0.49 m2) and the Unno HC model (for wheelchair users) occupies only 10.5 sf (1.0 m2).

Both models are controlled by a high technological digital Inverter that controls the speed, acceleration, and deceleration, making sure the cabin runs smoothly until your full stop.

Accessibility is Freedom

Family and quality of life are priceless things. Nevertheless, Minilift lets you can enjoy it for the best price in the elevator market.

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