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4. Furthermore, you need to consider mindfully the following important remarks about the available information on the website:

4.1. All documents and data available in this website are only for general information. Never start a work based on the website information (see Item 3 above).

4.2. Several equipment described are optional and have additional costs.

4.3. The limits of equipment use (load, capacity, kind of use etc) may vary according to specific legislation of each state or city. Many times, we cannot know details about it. Any further necessary improvement or adaptation to comply with specific requirements will be at Customer’s expenses.

4.4. Every adaptation works is on the Customer’s own.

4.5. The Customer may provide additional means of protection such as fencing and gates to prevent pets, elderlies or children from passing through the elevator’s travel area.

4.6. We are not responsible for any legalization processes required by regional bodies, which may incur additional costs.

4.7. Always refer to Regional Contractor before beginning any work.

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